It has been crucial for us to present not just final products of our work, but also share the processes and works in progress. These presentations have happened during our travels, in schools, community gathering spaces, and homes of people we meet along the way, as well as in more formal spaces, including:

Ranga Shankara Theatre (Bangalore), India Foundation for the Arts (Bangalore), Adi Shakti (Pondicherry), SPACES (Chennai), Kalakshetra Foundation (Chennai), Somaiah Centre (Mumbai), The Hive (Mumbai), CAMP (Mumbai), Back To The Land UnConference (Chennai), Terranigma im West46 (Vienna).

More about our travel, work and process at


Since the beginning, our work and journey has been crowdfunded by over a hundred individuals, whose support has been invaluable to us in various ways. They have contributed through money when we needed it, equipment that influenced how we documented something, spaces that energised us, or ideas that drove our work forward. Do get in touch if you wish to fund our work, or have an idea for collaborating with us!

The u-ra-mi-li project has also been supported by and partnered with the following organisations to create, archive and display our work.